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designed specifically for law students and lawyers


+lawyer | pilot is a mentoring service for law students and lawyers who want to become leaders in their profession.


Although most law schools, professors, and law firms do a terrific job educating and training the next generation of lawyers, they can't be all things to every law student or lawyer in their respective schools or firms. 


With +lawyer | pilot services, students and lawyers get on-demand access to an experienced lawyer who has devoted much of his career to mentoring the next generation of lawyers. 


By signing up, law students and lawyers will receive personal attention and enhanced and customized tips to help hone and master their skills to maximize their potential for future success.

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+lawyer | pilot (1L)


best practices for new law students


- time management -

- master the case method -

- master the art of outlines -

- basic writing skills that work -

- score higher on essay exams -



+lawyer | pilot (ja)


best practices for new law lawyers


- excelling at core competencies -

- how to be a superstar associate -

- time management/timekeeping -

- interacting with lawyers et al. -

- intro to the business of law -

+lawyer | pilot (2L)


next-level legal skills to set you apart


- advanced legal research methods -

- advanced legal analysis -

- next-level legal writing -


- developing oral advocacy skills -

- feedback on written assignments -


+lawyer | pilot (ML)


grind out the mid-level years

- establish a niche -

- internal/external networking -

- start writing and speaking now -

- build project-management skills -

- prep for partnership -

+lawyer | pilot (3L)


transition to the practice of law


- tips for success on the bar exam -

- job hunting tips -

- drafting cover letters and resumes-

-feedback on job applications -

- mock job interviews -



+lawyer | pilot (SA)


making partner


- be a thought leader -

- marketing yourself and your firm -

- taking ownership of the law business -

- maintain existing clients, get new ones -

- managing employees and lawyers -