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Helping law students and lawyers become the best version of their professional selves.


There's no doubt.  Law school is hard.  Becoming a lawyer is even harder.  Practicing law at the highest levels is harder still.  It takes a lot of effort, dedication, and sacrifice.  It can get lonely - lots of reading and writing, often in solitude. It is not for everyone.

But it doesn't have to feel as difficult as it is. It doesn't have to consume your life. It doesn't have to cause stress.  It doesn't mean you have to abandon everything - including who you are - to be highly successful.  In my opinion it is the one profession in which collaboration with others is critical to success.

That's why I started this project. I'm a firm believer in the mentor-mentee relationship.  It is among the best ways to acquire knowledge.  I've learned more in a conversation with a mentor (of which I have many) than spending hours with my nose in a book.  That still applies today, 18 years into the practice of law. 


My mission is to help you succeed by imparting on you the experiences I've had and guiding you through your experiences so you can excel in your life and your business. Together, we will manage and overcome the difficulties of law school and the practice of law.  In the process, we will grow together to become better men and women, more successful lawyers, and leaders in our profession all while maintaining healthy relationships, spending time with family, enjoying hobbies, and doing all the other things that fulfill our lives outside of the profession.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Reach out to chat or sign up for a single session or a six-month plan and we'll get started.

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About me.  I help business of all shapes and sizes - from global corporations to sole proprietors - solve their legal problems in easy, creative, and intellectual ways. I've been practicing for 18 years. During that time, I held an appellate clerkship, grew up in "big law," became partner of a global law firm, transitioned my practice to another "big law" firm, and then started my own law practice.  I'm a published author of numerous book chapters, law reviews, and articles; a frequent speaker; an author of a widely read oil + gas industry blog; and a law professor.  I take the practice of law very, very seriously and I work tirelessly to maintain the high intellect and rigorous work ethic that my clients demand and deserve from me, but I am also just me: an easy-going, laid-back guy who enjoys life and likes to have fun.

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